NRSA Application Forms

Filling out the NRSA Application Forms

Applicants for the individual NRSA grant must fill out the SF 424 forms. There are about five different forms to choose from and all look exactly alike. Unfortunately, filling out the wrong form can still disqualify you for review. In order to avoid this problem, please email for help finding the correct forms.

Trainee Forms

Each of the forms listed in the "Mandatory Documents" needs to be filled out. While the "Cover Letter" is not required by the NIH, it is a requirement by the UW SoN.

The forms that ONR will already have all of the UW-specific information filled out. Do not change any of the information that has been pre-filled without checking with the Grant Specialist in ONR first (

The other fields should be filled out according to the Individual Fellowship Application Guide SF424 (R&R). Because this document is long and filled with unfamiliar language, the Office for Nursing Research has prepared a Field-by-Field Guide that is easier to understand. If you have questions with this guide, please contact

ERA Commons ID

To apply for a NRSA grant, you will need an ID in NIH's ERA Commons. If you do not have one already, contact for help in getting one.