NRSA Routing

The Electronic GC-1 (eGC1)

Before any application can be sent to a grant sponsor, it must be approved by the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP). Each department and school must approve the application before OSP will start to review an application.

The approval process will start when you are mostly finished with your application. At that point, ONR grant staff will prepare the electronic form (eGC1) for you.

Starting an eGC1

When your application package is mostly complete (including drafts of the research plan, the training plan, and sponsor sections), then ONR grant staff will start the eGC1.

While the grant is being approved internally, you may still edit the following:

  • research plan;
  • human subjects sections;
  • training plan;
  • appendices.

Make an appointment with the ONR grant staff 3-4 weeks before the application is due. Send an electronic draft of your application 24 hours before this appointment so they have the information needed to fill out the eGC-1. During this meeting, you will review the grant and identify any items that still need to be done.

During the Approval Process

While the grant is being approved, you will need to have regular access to email in case any of the reviewers have questions.

While the different reviewers are reviewing and approving your grant, you may continue to revise the training and research plans. At this point in your writing process, you should be only polishing the draft. There should be no major changes to the aims or methods. If there are any basic changes to these plans during this time, you need to let the ONR grant staff know since major changes to the structure will need to be re-approved.