NRSA - Submitting the Application


The internal review should be completed and all grant content should be finalized by five days before the grant is due:

  • 3rd of April;
  • 3rd of August; 
  • 3rd of December

Because the grant system can be slow during deadlines, extra time is needed to ensure that NIH receives your grant in a timely manner.


The Grant Specialist will set up a time for you to email your finalized research plan, training plan, appendices, or any other unfinished grant pieces.

It is important that you email your application at the appointed time. This ensures that there is enough time to review and format your application. Applications that are formatted and submitted hurriedly may contain errors that will hurt the chances of a trainee being funded.

The Grant Specialist will verify that all segments of the grant are final and they will check the application for errors. If you would like to be present for this check, you may schedule a time to do so.


You will receive an email from when the grant has been submitted and received.

It may advise you of errors or warnings generated by the automatic system.  It is common and sometimes because the computer thinks that an error might be there, not because one actually exists.

Forward any errors/warnings to the Grant Specialist immediately who will determine if any action is needed.

You will still need to verify your grant within 48 hours:

  • Log in to view your grant
    • It will be collated into one PDF document. 
    • Review to make sure it is comprised of the final versions; make sure all graphics & tables are correctly formatted.
  • If it is correct, save a copy of the PDF
    • This is the only chance to save a collated copy of the grant. Email the Grant Specialist and verify that the grant can be submitted. The grant will automatically be accepted if there are no further actions.
  • If there are errors that need to be fixed, OSP hastwo days to withdraw the grant and resubmit it. 
    • Email the Grant Specialist with a list of changes to be made so they can resubmit the grant. 
    • You may only correct warnings, errors, versions, or gross formatting problems. 
    • You may not withdraw the application for re-writes, polishing, or minor formatting changes.


Your grant is done. Celebrate as you see fit.