NRSA Reference Writers

Step 1: Prepare the reference

The Fellowship Reference Form previously used with Fellowship applications is no longer requiredLetters should be submitted on organization letterhead and should provide any specific information requested in the funding opportunity announcement and application guide instructions.  

Step 2: ERA Commons

  1. Click here - you will be taken to a page on the ERA Commons site.
    • You do not need to log in with your personal Commons ID to upload a reference.
  2. In the first set of fields, enter your contact info: first name, your last name, email, your affiliated institution, and department.
  3. In the second set of fields, enter the fellow's information: Commons ID, last name, and funding opportunity number.
    • If the fellow has not given you this information, than ask them to provide it.
  4. Click 'Continue'

Step 3: Upload the reference

  1. On the next page click 'Browse' and select the PDF file on your computer. This will upload it to the ERA Commons.
  2. After you have uploaded the letter, you should get a confirmation email. Save this email in case you need to update the reference.